Selective Mutism Therapy in Calgary and Cochrane

Welcome to Najwa’s Selective Mutism Therapy in Calgary. If you’re looking for effective support and treatment for your child’s selective mutism, you’ve come to the right place. Her specialized therapy services are designed to help children overcome their fear of speaking and empower them to communicate confidently in various situations.

What is selective mutism?

Selective mutism is a condition characterized by a fear of speaking to others. It typically begins early in life and can be influenced by factors such as lack of validation, limited positive communication, and experiences of aggression or neglect. When children face situations where they are silenced, put down, or mocked, they internalize their feelings and choose not to communicate in order to avoid potential embarrassment.

How do I know if my child suffers from selective mutism?

Children with selective mutism may interact and communicate normally with individuals they feel safe with, such as their peers or immediate family members. However, they consistently refuse to communicate with specific individuals, such as a parent, caregiver, or authority figure.

How can I support my child when they are afraid to speak?

As a parent or caregiver, there are several ways you can support your child with selective mutism:

    1. Assure your child that they are safe and encourage them to communicate with others.
    2. Validate their concerns about the person they feel unsafe with, and offer reassurance.
    3. Gradually expose your child to different environments, helping them build confidence.
    4. Encourage their interaction with others in various situations, fostering social skills development.

How do I know if my child needs counselling?

Selective mutism is rooted in early childhood fears, and without intervention, it can intensify and become debilitating. If you notice your child’s lack of engagement and communication with others, seeking professional support is crucial. Our therapy services are tailored to address the specific needs of children with selective mutism, providing them with the tools and strategies to overcome their fears and communicate effectively.

Will my child outgrow selective mutism without therapy?

No, selective mutism does not typically resolve on its own. Children develop selective mutism due to feelings of threat from authority figures and the experiences of being silenced and shamed. Without therapy, they may develop low self-esteem, anxiety, and encounter difficulties in leading a fulfilling life.

What happens if my child does not receive therapy?

Without appropriate treatment, children with selective mutism are at an increased risk of developing other intrusive mental health issues. Early intervention is essential for their well-being and overall development.

Book your selective mutism therapy consultation with Najwa today to initiate the healing process and ensure your child can overcome unnecessary barriers and lead a full and complete life. She is committed to supporting your child every step of the way.